Who could forget the riots which erupted in LA after the brutal assault on Rodney King, the leaking of the video footage inspired outcries from every circle of society both in the USA and abroad. The verdict that the Police officers involved were justified in their actions further divided US society and it was with the racial tension that is still ingrained in American culture that a perfect storm of violence soon broke out creating one of the biggest riots in recent American history.

The violent after math was in no way justified but like many protests and moments of dissent elements within high jacked the energy of the dissatisfied mob and took advantage of the calamity. Talking heads debated, politicians squabled and the people on the ground looted, defended, attacked and tried to survive with out the help of the mandated police service that they had been forced to pay for and abide by for generations. Instead the police, as it always does in such turbulent riots abandoned the people and conducted it self with less efficiency than the team in Police Academy did while experiencing their own riot. It seemed that those who had in many ways lit the wick to the powder keg now had abandoned the unintened victims of the blast.

And here we sit over two decades later and the police murder rates are on the incline, the victims of the States Law Enforcement pile up in a nameless stack of victims from all walks of society. Mostly it is the poor, the homeless those without means of defending themselves or without a support base to carry the fight after their injustice has been suffered.  And even with the easier to associate with victims, the girl next door or the young bright college boy who after they have been tazered into a coma or executed over a misdemeanour, their badged assaulters are ruled as being justified after the fact. Where is the uproar? The large public debate? The riots? Instead for the most part all are silent.

Instead it seems our riots are spread across the globe in Western societies over austerity and cuts in redistribution of other peoples wealth. It is the tantrum throwing of students and public sector officials demanding ‘free’ this or that at the expense of other citizens. It is the demand for greater pay rises at the expense of the public trough for services which only ever bleed via inefficiency and lack any over sight or competition to keep them ‘honest’. No instead the Marches are about what one can get from others. The entitled are only ever angry over socialist delusions so far removed from the original penning of Marx that even he would no doubt distance himself from the selfish almost Objectivist arrogance of it all.

No concern for the murdered. No out cry over the dead babies from drone strikes abroad. No consideration for the many victims at every level of the States enforcement. And certainly no protests over the treatment of those who dare to attempt to keep their own possessions and wealth, who have had it removed from them with legally mandated violence. No instead these protests are often about demanding MORE of it. And should a police officer use heavy handed tactics the entitled cry abuse. Yet all the while it is their demands which leads to much of the same as they seek more Government in their lives, never fully realising the violent irony of their confused protests.  How deluded do we learn to become when we are forever sucking at the bosom of other peoples teets. The poisoning elixir of welfare in its many forms and the toxicity of seductive entitlements allows so many to over look the plain and life sustaining waters of rights found only in the lost springs of liberty and justice.

Instead race baiters save their energies for the tragic and fatal shooting of Travon Martin at the hands of a half white and half Hispanic man. Instead the President of the USA and other high society types weigh in by turning the death into a racial issue, opening up the debate on gun violence and using the tragedy as a chapter point in an on going book of State confiscation of personal fire arms. Where is the debate over the murder by Police of James Boyd ? Or Kelly Thomas a mentally ill homeless man brutally bashed to death?  And for those here in Australia for the numerous in custody deaths of Aboriginal Australians who are victims of history as much as they are of the State.

It seems as an outsider looking in on American culture and the mindset of its self appointed elites is that a defining point about race or class is always sought. That every act of violence administered in these instances is based upon some delusion of racial animosity or that the bourgoise lap dogs seeks to eradicate the helpless proletariat. If only we could improve conditions through welfare or if only we could educate people so that they do not seek crime. And yet the most violent in society have a good education and are often of comfortable wealth. Instead often what is over looked is the simple fact that uniformed individuals given a mandate and authority awarded to them by a monolithic and absolute State will always conduct themselves in such a violent and inconsiderate manner nearly always void of responsibility.

It seems that we spend many of our formative years in an institution formally learning either directly or indirectly that our only solution to many of societies problems but especially crimes is found within the mechanisms of State. That no matter how frequent such abuse of power or how often corruption prevails, it is found within the body of this all powerful and holy entity our salvation. And without it ‘Anarchy’ and chaos would reign. Anarchy perhaps, but chaos hardly. Both are distinctly different from the other (those distinctions can be held for another time).

Perhaps because of this education and dependance that we find ourselves helpless in our own defence. We look often at the victims as being some radical and dangerous element who bought it all onto themselves, that perhaps they were deserving. These dead people were making it difficult for the police, who after all have a job to do. A job which is thankless, dangerous and some times requires the officers to use deadly force. The NKVD just had a job to do, just as the SS camp guards so had. We can trust them after all it is not like anyone can become a police officer and without them people would get raped and murdered.  These are absolute and gross abuses of language, a varying difference in spectrums perhaps.  It is however from one end of the spectrum one can soon find themselves traveling swiftly if they so abandon reason and principle, instead replacing it with obedience and absolute FAITH>
Yet despite an increase of laws and its enforcement, rape and murder continues. Some how apparently creating so many laws that near every citizen is in some way a criminal, focusing the Police on rent seeking behavior, hindering their ability and focus on such real crimes as Rape and Murder. Not to mention the expense in resources and people power that this diverse spectrum of laws adds to courts and jails. Sometimes and perhaps too often by those who are in the employ of the very entity which has the monopoly on the law making, courts and its enforcement is the belief that they are the noble good guys. The misconception held is that all police are good and are there to serve the individual. Just as many of my Anarcho-Libertarian friends view all uniformed agents of the State as being the enemy. It is neither true to adopt either mindset. As the reality is found some where within no middle ground, but in the mix of some State conceived sludge.

What is however true is that the State is violent by its very nature. How violent it is depends on how many laws it seeks to create, how harsh it desires to enforce those laws and how accountable it ALLOWS itself to be. The State will always be a fact. Utopias envisioned by Anachists sadly will never become realised. Instead we can only seek to limit the tumorous nature of the State and hope, yes hope, that enough people embrace this view and stop the cancer from consuming the entire societal body.

Despite the extreme cases of State murder and abuse both domestically and abroad many of those in its ranks at all levels believe with absolute ( and no doubt sometimes a decayed conviction) that what they do is mostly good and without the service they provide,  society would crumble. They believe that it is a little evil so as to prevent an imagined greater evil. It is found within this mindset that the misgivings of the job are over looked and are down graded as a simple case of we do this ‘just because’ whenever silly laws or protocols are conjured up by a faceless ‘committee’.

Whether these flaws happen to be in policy, over emphasis on rent seeking as opposed to actual service, a focus on enforcing and regulating the minor at the expense of the major threats to over looking corruption generated in a culture of authority or ignoring the abuses of power by ones own peers. It is here that much of the problem lies. Policy transcends the individual member and goes up to the rulers…er I mean policy makers-breakers of society. It is within the over looking of negative and dangerous behavior that cripples credibility and derides the very principle of what such a services was suppose to be about.

Simply closing ranks around some one because it is the jobs culture or because you are a uniformed team member only serves to show the gang culture that is prevalent in all uniformed teams. Imagine how powerfully dangerous it must be when those gang members have law and authority on their side.  This only serves to perpetuate the mindset of ‘them’ versus ‘us’ and that the streets the officer is entering is a war zone, a war zone which insists on the martial uniformed loyalty of all those in blue no matter how flawed a member may be.
It is with great interest that one must observe American culture and policy, because as the prevalent super power who shares much in common for better and worse with other Westernised democracies we can often see where official and unofficial trends lie. Not only that but it is in many cases a tragic laboratory for smaller and less dynamic cultures to observe and learn from. Fortunately here in Australia the conduct of the Police puts its American counter parts to shame as far as over all observation to public considerations go.  Though both suffer from an over usage as rent and revenue seeking at the expense of legitimate policing, an initiative being lead in both cases always by an arrogant political class which revels in its ability to misuse the Police as an added income stream for bleeding economic expenditure.

Public apathy to the death of any person in custody of the State is always dangerous. However ‘justified’ it ends up being. Public assumption that the State is always right while the individual is some how deserving of their execution is a disturbing loyalty. Often it is a disassociation of the dead from the remainder finding a difference so as to remove them from society. An alien radical who never belonged in the first place. While the State is us, for us and about us. It is often with mantras recited, indoctrination gained through schooling and the ultimate dependance on State monopolies that many find themselves obedient long before they are questioning and should they ever question it is always stalled with a ‘what can we do about it’ or ‘its better than the alternative’ as though an alternative has even been discussed or sought…or allowed.

Any time a member of the State goes that bit too far and the public actually does acknowledge it the punishment is more a gesture and a token soft blow compared to those punishments doled out to any one who would commit dissent against the State. An example could be with the vile attack on the Oklahoma City building by Timothy McVey and the public reaction and subsequent execution of him compared to the States murder of those at Waco in Texas some years earlier. No justice was found for those victims of Democide and it was precisely because of this that McVey claimed to be the reason for his attack in Oklahoma in 1995. Neither was justified and yet only one event saw the victims murderers stand trial and face a form of punishment. It is an unspoken statement of action which shows that the State is absolute and can do as it pleases while should some one or a few attempt to do something back then they will be considered a terrorist and face the absolute wraith of the mechanisms of the State.

In the cases where some one is found accountable in a police shooting. The officers are often punished in a token manner, seldom are criminal proceedings entered as they would be for a private citizen. While some do lose their jobs, this alone is not enough for the victims to see justice. In larger cases of corruption or major misconduct, scape goats are some times sought and while some may see jail time it is again seldom the same as those who would dare commit this as a private individual or agent. More tax evaders or drug dealers have done time for their non violent crimes than a murderous State agent should ever serve for their murderous acts.

There is no better or worse in the case of murder. It does not matter what uniform or in whose employ the murderer was. All that matters is that innocents were killed and the murderer did not NEED to kill them. Herein lies the murky realms of law and its justifications. In many cases of democide abstract justifications are sought and found. Whether it is in the carpet bombing of cities deemed as ‘legitimate targets’ by a war council  to the police officer shooting a homeless man in the back several times because he ‘may have been armed’. The need for this murder is justified in the lecture halls of academia, the highest office of politics, amongst the pundits of journalism and from those committing it themselves. Authority grants such privilege. It is the ultimate power of the State. Just as Crusaders saw themselves so absolute and on a errand from God so too now do agents of the State in their many Crusades or ‘Wars on…’.

Are the compulsions of a psychopath a need to murder ? can this be morally justified in the sense that they lacked a control within their person. Can the jealous husband so engulfed in passionate rage that he saw no reason in those violent minutes be morally responsible for his act of murder? His emotional rage so consuming his rationale mind. And yet with often calculation, professional excellence and in many cases with greater numbers, and often they are armed versus the unarmed, the public view of morality is often on the side of the murderers. So long as they wear a uniform of the State. Those in uniform who it seems have a license to Kill.  Simply because of their position in society and because they represent the collective as uniformed agents. No justification should be sought in any murder especially against a non violent threat, whether that is an adulterous wife, a mentally ill homeless man or a city of unarmed citizens. However time and time again it is made perfectly ‘fine’ through many public mantras and rituals of obedience that in some of these cases, so long as its conducted by the State, that murder is perfectly fine.

The terrorist, those deranged reactionaries to so many things, most of all policy and State conduct. Their only means to react is often vile and violent. What they do is often born out of need and justified by the injustices suffered either personally or by theirs. Whether by a holy mandate with theological conviction or from a more personal response to a bombing or slaying. The terrorist is born from the States orgy for violence. Nearly all terrorists are reactionaries to some State conduct. They are by no means justified in their savage vengeance, but this often blowback and for many seemingly all that they have as means of expression and response. It is the rage and anger which has but one outlet, that is to lash back in some way. To attack the society or culture which obeys and supports the regime which watches over and represents the supposed free and democratic society in the case for those of us in the West.

In time the more the State conducts itself with absolute authority, void of any real and credible accountability their will be inevitable back lash, blow back and negative out comes. Unintended consequences are always present, found within the most well meaning policy and certainly found beneath the rubble of the more violent and destructive ones. Whether this reality is found in the absolute degrading of liberty, the  increase of the police-welfare state merged so perfectly that apathy becomes a Stockholm syndromeof dependance, an institutionalisation of the individual. The inevitable increase of warfare as the demands of the welfare state increases, so shall we see more ‘terrorists’ emerge.

To many outsiders who come from tyrannies where democracy is a mantra chanted in the UN or by opulent ‘Westerners’ we give the impression that we have an apparent control over our national policy and leaders. Seeing as we have this apparent Democracy, this institution that nation building, imperial adventurism and sanctions are based upon. We should not allow such police executions to occur. We should have a greater say in the democidal tendencies of our State and its allies. We have our collective fingers grasped on the controls of those hellfire armed drones as they snuff out a childs life in Yemen.  After all as a free and democratic people we ritually vote for these public men and women to conduct it all in our name and with our treasury. We therefore in their eyes are quite easily justifiable targets to one so deluded so as to commit such an act of terror.

And herein lies our problem. It is with legality and justification of murder, any murder that we continue to see the increase of such acts. It is with the mantra of Statist loyalty and the propaganda often recited in varying mediums that we obediently over look such violence. And it is with arrogance and perhaps ignorance that we judge other nations and cultures so poorly while over looking our and our closest allies flaws. How can we expect to travel across the ocean and go on some noble military adventure against a violent regime when our closest ally, often leading the charge, murders and imprisons more of its own citizens than the actual regime that the Crusade was meant to topple ?

The greatest injustice is not, that injustice occurs. It is found within the loud silence of those who let it happen. And this silence is deafening. All it takes is one more voice to question, challenge and ultimately change the culture of obedience. One more voice to say “no !’ to the expanding cancer of the State, however seductive it appears. One more voice to simply ask, why? But ultimately it takes one more voice to say ‘No more!’ with a roar at the approaching hoard of regulation, policy and law which only ever requires armed individuals to enforce, however benign these rules seemingly are.  Most malignant disease appears at first every so harmlessly benign.
And should you ever doubt that, just observe the recent murder of James Boyd whose execution over illegally camping can be seen online. For those of us across the Ocean this is done by the agents of the State of our greatest ally, those who we have so attached ourselves to.  And to our dear American friends, this is how your Government truly sees you, as expendable subjects.  This slaying is just one of many recent examples of this State conduct. Your silence is violence. And your vote is often murderous.

Kym Robinson, April 2014.