(The death of Socrates by Jacques-Louis David, courtesy of Wikipedia)

Legitimacy of the Mob

Democracy and the validity of rule.

It is apparently the most important election in modern history, a divisive crossroad between good and evil. Corrupt and past glories. The establishment and populism. It is another time for change versus an extension of the promise for change, two elections ago. It does not matter whether you are an American or not, for the rest of us we now live in a world where for better though often for worse US elections and the elected administrations influence and affect us all. In a time of perpetual war where the United States and its proud flag wavers lead so many charges the rest of us are either with them or, it is assumed, against them. And regardless of being an American or not, we are told that our vote counts and that voting, that democracy is worth killing for.

Somewhere in the historical lexicon of the past century the United States went from being a Republic to that of a democracy. As though the historical debates and lessons that inspired their sacred founding fathers were unimportant and a distinction is not worth reviewing. As the United States enjoyed a transition inside the popular minds and practices from Republic to Democracy much of the World, whether ‘free’ or not they also explored and utilised the language of democracy so as to validate what it was that a regime did or its very legitimacy.  As many inside the West celebrate the apparent supremacy of Western Civilisation it seems that much of the history of the West and its philosophical lessons are all but forgotten.  So long as the mob determines it, then one should be made to sip from the poisonous chalice.


Full piece available at (https://www.libertarianinstitute.org/libertarianism/the-legitimacy-of-the-mob/)