‘Justifiable’ Democide

In war we are told, bad things happen. And found within these bad and unfortunate events innocent civilians will die and suffer. The apparent narrative is that the ‘good’ guys, so those usually aligned with the Anglo American sphere, will always do what is in the best interest for the innocent people of the world and any who suffer in this pursuit were sacrifices needed in order to defeat evil. The very notion that a lesser of two, three or twenty evils is calculable and so easily validated is dis-respective and ultimately problematic. Whether a State or Regime murders millions or so gently murders one at a time it is done in plain openness, where silence and compliance work hand in hand for the most part allowing such terrible killings so justified by the notions of legality and the outright condoning of such acts by so many ‘good’ people.

And in recent times found inside of this Anglo American power to ‘fix’ the World is the assumed need to bomb democracy into so many alien peoples. It is chanted over and over again that ‘democracy’ equates to that of freedom or that this democracy will somehow fix so many deep rooted and complex issues within a nation or region. And yet while fires burn at home in these proud democracies, as riots against police brutality repeat over the decades, public debt continues to enslave the unborn and inefficient public services betray the intentions that they purport to achieve these democracies aim to spread their version of debted governance through violence. These democratic militaries tend to murder in support of anything but the depiction of liberal democracy, let alone freedom. But so long as this State lead murder is done in the name of the pursuit of democracy then the comforted masses safe at home are satisfied with their votes and treasury going towards the deaths of others in faraway lands. And thus so shall continue this Democratic crusade.

The idea that only certain outcomes are the only possibilities available is an enslaving and bloody condemnation for humanity. A delusion that making a deal with a demon or demons is needed in order to defeat a devil allows so much bloodshed to continue. So has it been the consistent tapestry of history both distant and more recent, yesterday’s gallant friends would soon become tomorrow’s bitter rivals, or what is more common those friends become inconvenient acquaintances once their crimes or flaws are so apparently hard to ignore. And murder, on however grand a scale it is committed, is only ever acknowledged so long as it is committed by those opposing the great powers. The friendly, allied or Anglo American nations can, with language, legality and outright strength of power or culture, justify to the world and their own populaces so much death and human tragedy so long as it is done in a ‘noble’ pursuit of elusive ideals. Or against a greater and forever present evil enemy.

The constant support of dictators and violent organisations in order to boast stability in a region or to check a rival has time and time again ended in the deaths of so many millions not to mention the ongoing consequences of human and environmental misery. The boastful idea of ‘our son of a bitch’ has stayed constant in US hegemonic thinking, it is an inherited policy so well used by their former colonial masters, the British. It is not isolated to the English speaking, though most certainly is it apparent throughout history the world over, but it is with a certain perverse sardonic realpolitik by which it is employed by the perpetual ‘good guys’. It is why at present Saudi Arabia can do with such legality and openness the very same acts of terror as those radicals calling themselves ISIS and yet the sworld only focuses on the unfounded sovereign. Or why the many savage regimes of South and Central America have in more recent and present times learned to suppress and kill their populations with outright support from the world’s great police man and those in non Monroe doctrine lands should find a gallant American knight… sometimes defending their ‘liberty’.

It is not with any intention to attack the Anglo American sphere with direct accusation or to solely suppose that this is the domain of English speaking Imperialism. Evil is evil regardless and to simply relegate it into an academic debate as to better or worse disregards individuals who have and will go on to suffer beneath such policies. No, this is a piece directed at the hypocritical openness of such blatant disregard for humanity in a sadistic pursuit of self perpetuation. A bloody bludgeoning of individuals with direct and indirect hammer blows all the while singing sweet ballads about liberty, democracy and freedom. It is with a sociopaths disassociation from action and rhetoric which makes this kind of evil so special. An evil which can see mass populations of well educated and apparently good minded people baying for the blood of so many strangers in a euphoric orgy of militainment and the embrace of unfounded fears directed at alien cultures or persons, with a self justified satisfaction of death and destruction.

Not many other bloody actors in history could conduct their policies with such an arrogant benevolence, certainly so many goods were cited by these other regimes of oppression but they were always fueled with a chauvinistic importance whether that happened to be Nationalist, religious or ideological. It is found within this Anglo American rhetorical anthem of Imperialism with an altruistic importance, which bypassed even the most fervent zealots of religious missionaries. It is with an unyielding relentlessness that sees the misguided mission creep of seemingly simply operations forever grow in scope and time or the forever occupation of foreign lands all done in the name of illusory needs to ‘help’ and ‘improve’ the world. Despite this abstract intention of goodness, the problems on the home front continue to grow and justice, freedom and well being are far from founded.

The need to justify ones actions is common place throughout, whether it is in the mind of a serial killer or among the politic bureau of some Kangaroo court overseeing the execution of their rivals. There are those who will have an ability to overlook or insulate themselves from the tragedy of others, only ever seeing the supposed benefits, however choreographed or genuine they may be. Partnered with them, no matter what the regime, are those pragmatic and vile animals of murder. Those legal killers who through law making, national uniform and mandate are able to kill and disappear so many thousands. Lawful or not, these sociopaths can do this with a clear conscience because it is among the ranks of such governance that these individuals shall always thrive. And it is with the sheer determination of victory or defeat which can often see the distinction of war criminal or hero being made.

It has been time and time again with the citation of intention that allows such terrible consequence to be either validated or disregarded. The facts of misery are an inconvenience or simply overlooked as a necessary element in creating a better society, world or general stability. It is found within the very openly ignorant or jingoistic majority that human life is considered so disposable. And as tears roll down the cheeks of a lounge room voyeur for their favourite fictional characters suffering on the television or for the material misfortune of some ‘reality’ celebrity as they go through fabricated entertainment derived hoops only to ‘fail’, a steely and inhuman observance is presented to those victims of ‘us’. The bloody pulp of policy or those ‘others’ who dare to be born outside of these borders who supposedly deserve the apparent pained fate of circumstance simply because they are so foreign should die on with indifference to these elites of the better world.

It is with this cold dehumanisation that individuals can directly condone democide or at the very least allow it to continue simply in an either naive or indignant ignorance. And as our history pages are inked in so many crusades and vindicated actions of heroism often celebrated in nationalistic rituals worthy of religion, it is with a convenient oversight that ‘our enemies’ are ignored as being human players on this violent stage of life.

When mass killings are conducted by an ally or even under the very regime that many find themselves ruled it is with a degree of validity or ignorant bliss that this can be condoned. Whether in the case of Australia and its obedience to its Anglo sphere masters, whether in the past the British Empire and its savagery in the name of ‘white man’s burden’ or in more recent years as a key actor in supporting US hegemony, the Australian people and its government are without doubt complicit players in so many harms to so many. All too often it is wiped to the side as though ‘the other side’ is far worse, as if this should be a consultation as collateral lives are bludgeoned to death in the name of wider policy. And despite the narratives so desperately clung to in our many remembrances and national rituals the consequences remain the same and the job is nearly always undone despite the enormous cost.

And while Australia attempts to master its own region as a clumsy European transplant to Asia it does so with a degree of minuscule arrogance. An arrogance afforded to it by geography and the virtues of Anglo heritage and the favourability of historical outcomes. It plays arbiter in the region as it props up vile regimes in Indonesia, at the expense of Timorese and Western Papuans. It aids in the corruptions and dysfunction in Papua New Guinea while perpetuating the war on drugs which savages the lives of so many especially in the East Asian nations as their many regimes exercise such brutal enforcement in the name of this morality law. All the while within our so guarded ‘borders’ we have two worlds worthy of a segregated past.

As many Australians sat watching the end of apartheid in South Africa it was with a certain degree of national self interest that many overlooked the very racist and terrible past and present of Australian policy as far as Aboriginals were concerned. It was with a certain visceral bigotry that many could not even see a parallel or acknowledge the bloody history of Australia’s national government and its many individuals in regard to the outright extermination of many aboriginal Australians. It is even to this day that many ‘Aussies’ view the aboriginals as backwards ‘lay abouts’ or worse. It has become the narrative that aboriginals are essentially sub-human and cannot be considered anything less than special cases or parasites. This outlook and general view is in so many ways parallel to that of the most vile regimes in history and it is no wonder that the near secretive terrible treatment of this population is all but openly condoned.

It is with a degree of general ignorance of history wrapped in a very real racial supremacy felt by those so vicious and those who see themselves as welfare saviours that a secondary status of human existence emerges. Found within this popular view and government policy as a means of justifying a direct genocide in histories past to the slow bleeding death of a populace which fails to enjoy the fruits of old age and good health. It is a democide of a different nature, one so confused by benevolence and outright hate but all the while almost secretly many thousand suffer and die with little dignity simply because of whom they were born. If a populace dies so prematurely and suffers under an altruistic rule of difference should this not be considered an abuse of racial policy? In the end the complicated natures of every circumstance does not lend itself to a simplistic policy of so treating every individual to be clumped into mere collectives of categorisation. This justification is done with almost a smugness of healing and yet despite the many decades the harm and indignity of such treatment and policy goes on.

All of this is done with a grandiose confidence as human individuals are crushed beneath so many white papers and political necessities. The citizenry of Australia so very proud of its apparent standing on this Earth and so cocky in their birth right cruelly lash out with a jingoistic chauvinism which can only be seen from an external perspective. A self important arrogance and bitterness at the mostly non Anglo cultured world simply based upon the perception that ‘they want in’ or may in some way upset this ‘lucky country’ image. And should any one dare illustrate some of the many flaws, failings and outright brutality of this Nation in its past and present then one is simply called ‘unAustralian’ as though this tarring is enough to condemn someone as a pariah citizen for eternity.

With some historical amnesia the day before our nations sacred religious holiday, ANZAC day, it is the memorial day for the Armenian genocide which so occurred at the same time as the Allied invasion of Turkey. An invasion not geared to righting this brutal regimes wrong doings but merely an invasion to relieve the supply lines for our equally as brutal allies the Russian Empire. It is with a national pride that we celebrate our part in an Imperial chess play that we so overlook the million or so victims of our ‘gallant enemy’. It is with childlike celebration that our heroic dead are regarded, their national monuments so close to the unmarked graves of so many Christian victims of the Turk. And it is with a certain sickness of Nationalism that our warriors invading another’s homeland for a ruling class died with little effort at unshackling the oppressed. Even after ‘the Turk’ had been defeated, the Young Turks still retained leadership and their millions of dead victims remained unavenged. Instead Governments shook hands over maps freshly drawn on tables in Paris, only to create a new century of war and genocide. It is perhaps that national governments only ever see victim hood or tragedy in loss when it is done by those uniformed members of its very own entity. Or when the acknowledgement of genocide and democide so suits policy.

It is with so much injustice and outright aggressive harm that the Earth spins on its axis, nature herself is without a narrating perspective but she conducts herself with an honest intention void of ideological and philosophical deceit. It takes humanity and its many governance to exercise brutality with a mechanisation so perfect in its application but worse to do it with no shame and with absolute disregard to the very pain and hurt that these many tools and devices of policy can inflict. It takes the guidance of governance married with the self importance of nationalism to ignore the very real tragedy of millions while celebrating the futility of wars fought for no real positive outcome or void of noble intent.

The ability to navigate a justification for outright murder is both passionate and morbidly intriguing. The theatre of a judiciary is that the impartial systems outside of the very real emotional irrationality of those who have been wronged, so that even the devil may have his day. It was the apparent reason why the victors in Europe in 1945 went through the often hypocritical dance at the Nuremberg trials. Showing that even those most vile men of the Nazi regime should see a trial and suffer accordingly, despite those in judgement having often committed far worse of much the same crimes. Despite this and with the belief of the virtues of such a victor’s trial, why is it that so many are quite comfortable with the blatant execution of a man like Osama bin Laden. The pariah personality to the United States in this modern age. Were his crimes worse than those who oversaw the industrial slaughter of millions? Was he more a human villain than those leaders of the Khmer Rouge or the defeated upper echelon of Nazi Germany? And yet he should not stand trial. Or like the VC suspect who was so famously executed in a Saigon street by the chief of national police, is this execution perfectly validated because the ‘Good guys’, those historical champions and their proxies,  kill because they are above their own laws and their own apparent standards of conduct ?

Is it because the passions were so hot inside the United States even a decade on, or that the Obama administration needed this ‘win’ so much so that a cold blooded ex-judiciary killing was so easily conducted? Is it perhaps mere academic conversation to even raise such a subject not being privy to the circumstances and the intensity of those furious minutes inside Pakistan in 2011. Whatever the case the fact remains that the majority from so many walks of life see his killing without a trial as a good thing. Does this then not simply show that stripped behind the self important illusions of governance and the platitudes of civilised society that a banal lust for revenge lurks. A bloody hunger to murder those who we so despise, a pathetic disregard for the very institutions and laws which hang over so many of us with such arbitrary confinement that we in the end merely accept it as the way of being ruled.

Perhaps the case is this, that sometimes despite our conversations of law and order and the delusions of a society so built on such, we all obey the vile instincts of the mob. The regime, which ever it happens to be, satisfies its own self interest and sometimes, as far as murder goes, it is on the side of the violent mob who simply bay for death despite any fairy tale illusions of justice.

The many millions who lay dead whether directly or indirectly due to the United States is horrendous. Since World War Two alone, millions of innocents have directly been slaughtered in Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iraq and Afghanistan. The millions more who have been indirectly killed whether by proxy regimes or embargoes and sanctions imposed onto various regimes is harder to determine. And yet despite these many dead no one seeks justice. Instead it is assumed, thanks to the perception of intention and the language of democracy, that any dead due to this super power is merely collateral. And thus all too easily justifiable. In fact to even raise this point or to question it one is considered an enemy or a supposed supporter of even worse powers. As though the only option is one or the other. Not that the murder of so many people is so terrible that no amount of earthly tears shed could ever be enough. Justice salutes no flag nor swears allegiance to any ideology however pretty it portrays itself.

In more recent times terms like ‘the surge’ have become political slogans to justify an intensification of forces in a region in order to ‘fix’ an insurgency or problem. And yet in 2007 the surge lead to the deaths of one thousand US service men, the ethnic cleansing of Sunnis in Baghdad and the ultimate tribalisation of Iraq which, as history has shown, lead to ISIS. Despite this bloody failure it is declared a victory. And with the language of victory, all of this death and the brutal hardship suffered by those on the ground, pundits, politicians and people at home smile satisfied that good was done. Apparently the surge works and this is enough to validate torture, kidnap and murder. Meanwhile Iraq burns on in terrible calamity.

Those many millions of dead since 1945 lay upon the corpses of so many native Americans, slaves, Filipinos, Hawaiians, Japanese, Germans, Hungarians and so on. Those many who were victims of the younger America that sought to civilise the World in its own Imperial thrusts whether this was a manifest destiny, white man’s burden or some form of a Monroe doctrine. In any case these so many dead like those more recent are so ignored and overlooked by the majority as merely another example of justifiable slaughter, as the world today surely benefits from this bloody expansion in the name of American democracy

It does not matter what the terrible example is, as sadly we have far too many to draw upon. Despite the many acts of such violence, it continues to be seen that so many will validate such horror with a self assured smugness. In the end human beings have a tremendous capacity to create and destroy, to uplift and motivate while tearing down and hurting. It is however with the justification however obscure, direct, arrogant or ignorant that humanity is so able to allow democide and genocide to continue over and over again. While the survivors and liberators may stand over piles of decomposing corpses hearts heavy declaring ‘never again’ millions more can validate the reason and look at those piled up bodies with a smug dehumanised disregard. So have they done and so will they continue to do. So long as this condition exists and facts are distorted by narrated truths, so shall we continue to see this brutal nature of humanity and so shall so many individuals become a collected heap of ‘them’ while others stand above their graves assured in their justifications declaring that it was done for all of ‘us’.

Kym Robinson, May 2015