Justice is not an abstract, it is not subjective and it should never be considered a tool for the mighty. It is an amoral morality, a neutral positive and a righteous objective which serves no one or nothing other than the self interest of its very own existence. Although it may be robbed and corrupted in name it is neither derided or devalued by this misappropriation or misunderstanding of what it is or should be. It simply exists outside of any and every system and is neither cosmic nor terrestrial.

Humanity seeks it apparently but all too often it has been human beings that have usurped it with brutality as well as elegance. Justice has become essentially a by word for which so much has been conducted outside of its true essence. Humanity has created and succumbed to governance and ideology which has found many a method to deconstruct and rape the purity of Justice and yet all the while history has proven that despite these many stains upon its dress and greater image, Justice still remains and exists. It is not found inside of institution, theology or creed but instead lurks within the hearts and minds of human beings the World over.

It is found deep within the very core of so many the instinct and yearning to serve and satisfy Justice. Despite the popular or absolute determinations of the physical World. It is within these individuals with sincere interest to ensure that Justice is set. It is not with any obedience to other concepts or entities which these individuals should hope to satisfy Justice. Instead found therein is its mandates. It is precisely despite these other externalities that Justice so can be served and not because of them.

History has become so very bloodied and harmed with so many examples of injustice and the apparent miscarriage of it. Justice has been used in name to satisfy victors in their mighty quest to validate a conquest or war. It has been used to vilify individuals or groups and it has been claimed to have some social element of material egalitarianism. All of which are beyond perverse misallocations of the usage of the term as well as the very core of its concept. Justice is for individuals and not collectives, it is fluid and distinctly unique not uniformed and simply absolute. Justice restores dignity and helps to reverse shame or worse.

Justice is not a simplicity or a clearly defined outcome. Upon this complicated and most diverse World, Justice cannot be so simply defined as balance. It is beyond such measurements, this is a human created principle of attempting to determine outcome or equalising response to action. Justice is about the unyielding and tenaciously honest pursuit of wrong doings, while also standing firm against the ever creeping approaches of ideals and actions which may lead to greater or subtle misdoings.

Justice is not a woman as so romantically depicted but she is most certainly a Romantic figure. One so seductive to those who find her virtue compelling. She is beautiful for those who find within them an innate need to oblige and satisfy her. She is stubborn to anyone who has conducted themselves in a manner so as to defy her principle. And she is unforgiving to those who have been so savage to warrant such. Justice can be mistaken as a mythical otherworldly entity but it is an esoteric instinct. And she commands too few to take up the pursuit of righteousness in her name. Too few to find dignified indignation whether this is selfishly for themselves or for helpless others. They and she knows no obedience to State, Governance or Theology. Instead Justice stands alone beyond any master or slavish bodies of arbitrary deceptions.

Justice is as the ancients so carefully attempted to define a harmony, one which is not so much about actors being at peace or states being of restful postures but ultimately of the fluid resonation of all things within their own beings. A fluidity of cooperation and non aggression whereby all is in fact at harmony and in a restful non warring state. A utopia that never was nor ever to be found. Justice however seeks, fruitlessly, to attain this. To not balance nor equalise but to ensure that what infractions to ones being or state has been imposed should be corrected or respectfully appeased. To help ensure that it shall not be repeated by those who did so savagely to others, so that they may not find confidence so as to repeat an unchecked conduct of indignity or brutality. It in some ways helps to rebuild the dignity and virtues of the surviving wronged while also allowing the dead to find some resting peace.  It is about confronting those who so eagerly did wrong. Whether this is for an individual actor in their personal sphere or if it is in a wider spectrum of mass human terror.  It is about standing before the initiator of others suffering and exposing them while also enacting a punishment.

It is found in both Humanity the means to understand and oblige this concept of Justice while also to despise it in action and thought, while by passing and mutating the concept through so many institutions of both the intellectual as well as the physical. The unending fight is found within and without Humanity. Justice will forever be hunting the unjust while slowly and incompletely avenging injustice. It can never truly temper the blaze of the many infernos started across the Earth both past, present and future, all it can do is slowly and diligently contain those which it may reach.  Justice does not wear a uniform and it is not found inside the many institutions that misuse its name, it has no allegiance and it does not care for perspective or a means to any end.  It simply is.

Ultimately Justice is us. Injustice is also us. The determination of the outcomes in this struggle is found within, us.

Kym Robinson, September 2014