Since 1992 when I first decided that I would invest as many hours per week to fight training I have become an interested observer and practitioner of close quarter combat. Whether this happens to be competitive sport fighting or the life and death struggle of battle field combat at close range, it has become an area of consummate study and practice.
It was with clumsy origins that I consumed all that I could from the Martial Arts and the generic community of ‘combat’ training and it was not until over time through my own personal experiences in actual fights that I began to appreciate the flaws and confused arrogance of many ‘experts’.

Flash forward some decades and now after several professional fights, with 12 years as a professional fighter inside the cage and ring against sometimes far larger opponents added to the fact that I have also had the displeasure of having experienced numerous ‘street’ incidents on the back of this gained experience and knowledge I have decided to compile all that I know and put it into a method so that I may help others better prepare themselves for the reality of violent struggles. My entire professional fight career has for the most part been a step in helping me gain actual knowledge in combat.

I have rationalised all of these thoughts, theories, observations, experiences and methods under the name UTAC S or Unarmed TACtical Solutions. It is not a hybrid approach where I have spliced various other systems or martial arts together, it is instead a living approach which helps to customise skill sets for the individual so that they may better adapt to whatever violent struggle they face while also taking into the account that no two people are physically or mentally alike. UTAC S is a handle as well as an encompassing concept by which to provide a liquid frame work.  The name does not matter. It is merely an easy to grasp abbreviation by which to utilise in depiction and description for wider instruction and coaching.

UTAC S, as a concept plus some basic considerations in violence.

UTAC S is an effective means of training based upon experience and observation of combat. It is a system that has both a civil and military application. It is neither a martial art or a doctrinal approach to unarmed combat instead it is a series of fundamental templates by which the individual can best customise so as to suit their own personal characteristics and potential operational situations.

UTAC S is not for State entities to monopolise their knowledge over private individuals. It is geared for those who may someday face aggression of a superior nature. Those who need to bypass such force or completely remove it from the equation. It is not meant to be simple and easy for mass appeal. The reality of combat is that matters and moments are not easily digestible, nor simplistic.  If some one is offering a generic and simplistic one size fits all approach, then they are merely selling you something.  There is no single pill by which to fix all ills.  Concepts and mind sets may be near universal, application and active templates however need to be as varied as those utilising them.

UTAC S will also look to instilling a certain mindset and mental composure under fire which is crucial to problem solving while under dire stress. It will also help the individual escape or turn the tide of the fight. Understand that while you may hold principles and honour dear, your enemies will not. You should confront any threat with Dignified Indignation. This should be a tenant in your everyday life. Those that you face whether singular or many, uniformed or not, have the sole intention of, at the very least harming your person and at the very worse destroying everything you hold dear. Whether that happens to be your very life or the lives of those that you love.

A single threat can suddenly escalate into a plural assault, unrelated by standers will often randomly attack. Bystanders may suddenly react like animals with wild ferocity surging of the incoming stimuli of the moment will lash out at you or your opponent for no other reason other than that it is a violent and irrational impulse. Others may attempt to even the odds should you be seemingly being at an advantage, regardless of the nobility of your action. And other parties may also simply harm you in an attempt to stop the fight. Usually it is the uniformed threat that will crash in with indiscriminate force risking your personal safety in a blunt attack of self-righteous clumsiness.

Ideally you must always be aware of ever emerging threats, whether environmental or animal. Dogs can start attacking you just as easily as another person. Tables, benches, gutters and cars will seemingly appear out of nowhere and can change the course of the altercation instantaneously.

UTAC S through its various role play simulations helps the practitioner to better understand human behavior and patterns, best guessing so that one may better read a situation. Situational Awareness is crucial in vacating a location before a conflict arises, the ability to determine whether conflict will break out and if someone is likely to attack you or others. It is crucial to ‘get a vibe’ for a location and make the snap, short and long term decisions so that you can make your move, steering you and your loved ones away from danger.
Clothing is near always a factor. It can entangle you, smother you, limit mobility and hamper range of motion while also generally retarding you. Your foes clothing can also have such an effect on them. Use it against them as often and with as much transitional instinct as you can. While also being aware of the risks that your fashion choice has added to your ability to navigate danger and conflict.

Usually the foe if in range will attempt to either diffuse your vision by distracting, however obvious this may seem after the fact, while under stress it is harder to read. Or they may suddenly look around, either over your shoulder as though they are looking at someone else behind you, as an example of per-emptive deception. This is usually a pre-emption to their attack. The worse thing you can do is stand flat footed, broad shouldered, chin high and hands down while posturing before your foe. It is an invitation to your doom. This masculine attempt to thwart your opponent will only invite attack in those who want to do you harm. Those who do not wish to escalate seldom will go past that point anyhow. Those already with intent in mind need only a weakness in your resolve or defence in order for them to attack.

For those who have a professional or circumstantial duty or instinct to protect others in the emergence of a violent situation awareness of them relative to the threat is crucial. This is a big focus in many of UTAC S trainings. How to maneuver yourself and herd those less capable out of danger is not only a skill but a delicate art. Individuals all act differently in terrible situations; such moments can make heroes or cowards of us all. It is with preparation, training and mindset that we can hope to assure a positive outcome for all concerned.

Furthermore, for those whose professions find them carrying tactical weapons your duty is not only in the protection of yourself and in the protection of those fellow team mates and the wider public but it is also in ensuring that a dependence and arrogance in one self does not see that these tools fall into an aggressive actors hands. Now while most intelligent grownups are aware that the black market provides most things including weapons of all sorts despite prohibitions against the law abiding, there are those who are instinctive and compulsive actors of opportunity. Those who may not have the patience, connections or funds to source such weapons but also those who may not think that they need them until those violent moments of passion and fury so dictate to them such a need. It is here that armed agents will become prime and quite frankly EASY targets for those so determined to attack. If you cannot protect yourself, how can you protect the community?! An arrogant self-belief and belief in a team culture creates a false assurance which will fail when violence erupts in the vilest of instances. You will not only fail yourself but so many others.

Women and children can often escalate the violence whether by directly involving themselves or in a shrill cheer leading from the side lines. Irrationality can often become heightened by the mere presence of either or both. Often both will involve themselves in the scrap with disregard for consequences, assuming that they can somehow stop or sway the conflict. Mother nature for the most part is a misogynist. She gave women an ability to fortify a mans hatred and violence by simply being present at a violent struggle. Often a situation could be at a point of de-escalation only to be suddenly explosive because of some screamed language coming from one of the parties woman folk. This perhaps has to do with masculine instincts or how men respond often negatively to higher pitched sounds. Most men are aware that they can disregard and all but muffle out more bass like noise but it is the sudden presence of a generally childlike squeal or a woman’s scream that can suddenly increase irrational instincts. This added to the emotional content of language can be a dangerous cocktail in a very violent moment.

For women it is a tragic reality that some men view you as prey. Whether their intent is merely the pursuit of material possessions or if they have a more sinister intention, the fact remains that these predators are violent and dangerous. A seemingly charming smile and easy going nature can suddenly disappear to be replaced by a cold and vile monster. Not all predators of this nature attack with sudden violence, the most dangerous ones tend to have a calculating ability to bypass your instincts and defences. UTAC S ultimate focus is on giving the potential victim of these monsters the best chance of survival short of investing in steel or lead, UTAC S will focus with vigour and sincere dedication to helping increase your chances at survival should ever an abhorrent scenario such as the unimagined occur.

You cannot assume that a White Knight will emerge, while a great many do exist they are not always apparent in situations of desperation. Furthermore, most predators of a certain nature will only attack when you find yourself isolated and removed from others. This attack may be either planned or impulsive. In any case the ultimate outcome is determined by your ability to navigate along preventive means as well as to fight back effectively should the violence commence. Outsourcing your protection and that of your immediate loved ones to a State entity such as the police or the assumption that a passer-by will arrive should you scream is a best wish and a hopeful blessing. It certainly does occur that both help those victims in need, but unfortunately scores more found that their screams and pleas for both were met with no positive reply, only greater violence.

The reality is that fighting and violent struggle is like any competitive endeavour, the best prepared and most skilled usually wins. Certainly variables come into play but the odds do tend to favour those who are best readied for the realities, both expected and those always unexpected. However little you pay to your personal health and self-protection will often come to light when the nastiest of scenarios happen to escalate, hopefully this never happens. In any case the amount of time dedicated is up to you. The goal is to ensure that whatever time you do dedicate is not wasted with self-important wastage geared towards abstract illusions or esoteric grading’s based upon arbitrary standards that often have very little relevance to battle. This is not meant to be a hobby nor a social group. It is battlefield preparation should you ever need it. It is about instilling mindset and training sets so that you can ply them as often as possible.

Always assume that your foes objective is to take your life and if they are present, the life of your loved ones. Whether these are uniformed agents of the State or lowly chemically dependent thugs. If they are initiating violence most likely the outcome is determined by the one who is most violent, or able to remain poised mentally during the violence. This is where you must reach deep into your character and bring up dignified indignation coupled with properly developed skill sets fortified with relevant physical and mental attributes, that can only be developed through relevant training and conditioning.
UTAC S motto
– what ever works for you, works-

UTAC S motto
– whatever works for you, works-
UTAC S Conditioning

For whatever reason many people do not have the luxury of regular time in the gym with consistent partners, so scrapper or make do sessions are often needed. These could be due to frequent travel, isolation or bad time management in any case the attributes required to be successful in combat are varied and are seldom easily come by.

Several conditioning exercises can help to foster physical endurance, coordination, balance, speed, strength and mobility while also helping the individual customise their training to their own self determined needs where ever or whenever they happen to be.

These exercises can be done as calisenthics where no equipment is required, they can also be exercises with conventional and every day gym apparatus, as well as specific partner drills for those times when you do have people to work with.

Furthermore, UTAC C is a combat specific set of drills and exercises perfect for the combat athlete who needs to add some additions to their regular fight training while also offering the non-competitor some combative derived drills so as to help focus their training while conditioning the mind and body.

The emphasis on UTAC C is in getting the body prepared for combat in the most efficient and considerable way.

Fitness is an elusive and abstract concept. A great many people claim that they train merely for fitness or to get in shape. Now this is an illusory concept. We all should have something in mind as to what we are training for. Whether this is rehabilitation, for sport, to be able to run so many miles regularly or in the example of UTAC C to be able to best assure that you can go from ‘off’ to ‘on’ instantaneously for whatever the conflict or emergency situation happens to be.

Such conditioning is not necessarily geared towards battle or self-preservation in the face of violence. The conditioning can further enhance the professional as well as ‘casual’ first responder who may need a certain level of conditioning in order to save lives. The knowledge and ability to move dead weight while also maintaining command over your own body while focusing on very delicate moments where life and death hang in the balance is a most valid consideration for one’s own personal conditioning.

UTAC C offers training which can satisfy the undefined pursuit of fitness while also assuring you that you can have a real world purpose and may be able to function in a crisis. Training is like learning a language, we need to speak and communicate through several different platforms. Nodding one’s head, saying incoherent words or using facial gestures is a simplistic but ultimately incomplete means of communication. This is like the pursuit of general fitness. It can get you by as a tourist, some times. But ultimately you need to learn a language so that over time you can appreciate the subtle nuances of it while you communicate and express yourself better. UTAC is that. A new language for you to learn with your body and mind. Except you will be communicating with an unimaginable adversary who will only properly understand your expressions of coherent violence.

UTAC S and C will give you the training and methods needed so as to best languages so as to assure that you may communicate in the most savage of arguments.

You only have one life. So protect it.